12 thoughts on “Rear Gear – No more Mr. Brown Eye”

  1. My comment vanished…Let’s try again. I used to have a black cat we named Bennett, but he quickly became known as Cheerio, for obvious reasons…

  2. Another completely useless product, proving that idiots will buy anything!

    To top it off, I suppose they are scented.

  3. Put an even shinier prettier one there so the kids will want to play with it.
    This is also known as the “bark button”

  4. I’ll be checking out Naughty Bits in a minutes to see if Jonco has also found the human version of this.

    Imagine being an inventor in this day and age. All the good inventions are taken: fire, wheel, cheese in a spray can. The only things left to invent are applications involving clip art and string.

  5. OMG this is too funny. So are you guys! You’re killing me. Cheerio! Bark Button! Oh, my guts hurt. Scented!
    My dogs would have this foolish piece of crap shredded before I got it anchored on them. Especially if you tried to cram something in their butt.

  6. Surely the thing will just waft about in the breeze when Fido lets rip, then his Barking Chocolate Starfish (Tea-towel holder) will be on display again…

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