10 thoughts on “How can you be against that?”

  1. I have a 15 yr old niece who joined PETA and became a vegan about 8 months ago. If she doesn’t eat a ham sandwich soon, I think shes gonna faint. She looks like shit. Then, you get to hear her “Meat Is Murder” propaganda anytime you’re near her.

    I should have gotten her Penn & Tellers Bullshit for Christmas.

  2. So brillke, you think it’s ok to call out your 15 year old niece online? Cause if so you really have no place in this conversation and can back off right now. We may not support every move PETA makes, but she’s just a young girl trying to find some meaning in her life, how can you be against that?

  3. I haven’t laughed out loud at anything I’ve read on the internet is a long time, but this one kept me laughing. Thanks!

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