5 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. The best one I’ve seen is a can of mixed nuts. The front label lists all of the nuts contained therein. On the back is the ingredients list, the same as the label on the front. Under the ingredients labels is the allergen warning listing all of the ingredients listed on the front and in the ingredients label, with the additional warning that these were processed in a facility which processes peanuts and tree nuts.

  2. Don’t know if it’s really our government at work – sounds more like the lawyers…can’t have a lawsuit from somebody with an egg allergy (or nuts, or whatever type of allergy) eating something clearly labeled as being what they are (and potentially harmful to people with these allergies) suing us for not telling these idiots that eggs contain eggs, or mixed nuts contain nuts…

    Stella Liebeck’s legacy to the American way. Thank you, Stella. How did society ever survive without warnings that coffee may be hot (and probably not something you’d want to grip between your thighs)?

  3. Being singular “egg” may refer to the packaging. You know those cartons you get home and find out there is a cracked leaking egg?

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