Open Mic Sunday


New year clockAngry childrenWell, Christmas is behind us now.  We just have to recover and prepare for New Year’s Eve.  Fortunately New Year’s Eve isn’t as big a deal for me as it once was.  Not sure what we’re doing  for New Year’s Eve yet, but I’ll most likely not have a hangover on New Year’s Day.  I’m not guaranteeing that, but it’s not expected.


19 thoughts on “Open Mic Sunday”

  1. We will be ringing in the New Year with an almond flavored champagne from one of the fine wineries of Temecula, Calif. This way we start the New Year trying something we’ve never tried before and we get one of our New Year’s resolutions taken care of.

    • They’ve been falling since Thursday. They stop after 30 seconds (or is it 45? I can’t remember but it’s user settable). I’ll kill ’em in a day or two.

  2. Merry Christmas Jonco and all the B&Pers.
    Today is my birthday and this is the cake I will be eating.
    Yes, all of it. To soak up the beer.

  3. Hope everyone had a good Christmas!! Happy B-day Maffu! Looks like a yummy cake!

    I am snowed in right now….. we are looking at blizzard conditions until noon time tomorrow. We are getting about 2ft of snow!! YAY… I guess I’ll probably format my computer and re-install Windows 7 since I have the time.
    Will not be going into the office tomorrow. I’ll just work from home. I will be just as busy. 🙂

    What are people’s plans for New Year’s Eve?? I’ll be home eating some chinese food spending it with the wife & kids.

  4. Thank you everyone.
    The cake is amazing!
    DJ – I’m not getting older as fast as I”m getting wider.
    Richard – The leopard looking stuff is white chocolate with an edible leopard skin print on it. The cake itself is a lemon drizzle cake with with chocolate made by the rather amazing <a href=”!/pages/Bespoke-Baking/105262009508005″>Bespoke Baking, whose proprietor just happens to be a good friend 😀
    The only shame is that there is wayyy too much of it. 😀

  5. I’m a day late but happy birthday Matt!!!!

    New Year’s Eve will be a great day here in Tucson. My sister is getting married!!!

    (also Infi will be celebrating a birthday too)

  6. I’m a day late too Maffu. Happy Belated Birthday! Boy, that cake does look yummy.
    That’s good to hear Deb, a happy, happy celebration for them.

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