15 thoughts on “Christmas in the neighborhood”

  1. Absolutely beautiful White Christmas! Miss this scenery, but not the cold. Here in FL it will be 70 today.
    Enjoy your site every day! Thank you for all your hard work. Merry Christmas Jonco & a very Happy New year!

  2. I printed this in an 8X10 and walked it down to my neighbor’s house and gave it to them. They said they had been thinking about going out and taking some pictures but all they have is a “little bitty old camera”. They were very appreciative.

    • MimiKiki, It’s fine by me. I was thinking the same thing. Would it be inappropriate to use your neighbors front yard as a design for YOUR Christmas card? (Note: I normally don’t exchange cards with this particular neighbor, so they’d never see it.)

  3. Thanks for the comments and Christmas wishes.
    We had two days of family gatherings. It’s pretty much over now. I’m tired but thankful for friends and family. I hope all of you had a good holiday.

  4. That was so nice of you, you’re a great neighbour taking them the picture.
    It snowed lots today. I had a Great Christmas and I Hope everyone else did. Kisses, Bella

  5. Jonco, that would be a YES in my book! Not sending it to ur neighbors hahaha. But it’s from your page, didn’t want to “steal” without permission! Google Maps won’t reveal the location. . . haha

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