13 thoughts on “Truths for mature humans”

  1. No. 16 could add, and if you don’t dress nice, it is guaranteed you will meet at least 3 important people.
    No. 20 made me laugh

  2. 29: a good rush without the drugs, 28: it’s not just you, 24: i agree oh look a doughnut, 17: yep, 12: I have a blue ray and when the next “thing” comes along i will acutely get some disk for it at garage sales. (i use it to download netflix for the kids.), 11: i love being the boss i can quit when i hit that point,

    • Let’s add one 33. Memory is the third thing to go. I forgot what number 2 was.

      I knew some looked familiar but didn’t remember posting it (it was posted more than 7 months ago). I guess I could have searched for it to make sure, but heck, I liked it, and with new readers all the time, why not share it again? Since the crash in April, I’ve posted 4,586 posts. Many times while scouring I see an old post that’s making the rounds again. If it still make laugh I’ll probably post it again.

      • It’s all good. Didn’t mean it as a complaint. Your site is the only site of this nature that I visit, so when I see something familiar, I can pretty much say with near certainty that I saw it on B&P!

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