15 thoughts on “African shaman levitates”

  1. Although I don’t question the abilities of true Shamen, I do find it curious that the 2nd camera man does walk around to the rear of the Shaman, but not directly behind him (you know, where the bushes are). The footage he shoots from the side/rear only look back (forward) to the Shaman’s face. There isn’t any well-shot footage of the rear side of the Shaman, even though the ring of fire would seem to offer adequate lighting for filming.

    Just call me “mildly skeptical” of this footage…

  2. Easy to prove…have the shyster do it in daylight, in the middle of a wide open area, with people and cameras in a complete circle around him. No fire or special effects, and on concrete.

  3. He’s hanessed on the end of of beam. On the other end are 2 guys just like a seesaw in a childs playground.
    Film makers are in on it so in the final shot the part where he jumps in the air is cut out leaving the part where he falls down.
    The shot doesn’t feature him suspended in the air at all just falling down. and of course behind him the beam has gone.

  4. One camera and Randi present, then I will go “WOOOOOOOOW”

    I love the way Penn and Teller “do magic”. Chriss Angel sucks. But I’d still like to see his Vegas Cirque Soleil show.

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