Life tips from the pros

  • To prevent impulsive purchases, wait a week before purchasing. If you still want it, buy it; if not, don’t waste your money.
  • The 60 Second Rule. If there’s something that needs to be done and it takes less than 60 seconds to do, then don’t put it off–do it immediately. If you’re a terrible procrastinator like I am, you’ll be surprised just how much petty shit you can eliminate from your life.
  • Everybody makes mistakes. Try not to shove it down their throat, especially after they have admitted it.
  • Keep an extra roll of toilet paper within reachable distance from the toilet.
  • Sheet of toilet paper in the toilet kills the splash.
  • Three things not to be cheap on . . . Bed, Shoes, Toilet Paper
  • When lighting a fire, use dry pine cones to get things started.
  • Look for thrift stores that are hard to get to via public transit, they usually have the best stuff.
  • Girls are expensive
  • If you have a default installation of windows XP, Press cntrl-alt-delete twice on login, type in ‘Administrator’ with no password. Boom. You’re in
  • if you want to make an essay longer, do cntl-‘F’ search for “.” change period size from 12 to 14
  • If you get a brain freeze, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  • Honesty gets respect. If you are respected you will get better opportunities.
  • Put that you were time’s 2006 person of the year on your resume. In 2006, Time made ‘Everyone” the person of the year

  • Tapping on the top of a soda can will make it fizz less

  • If you forget someones name simply say ” Sorry, what was your name again?” They may look annoyed, but once they tell you say “No, I meant your last name” boom. First and last name.

  • Listen to music if you are in a bad mood

  • If you find yourself being lame, stop being lame and be AWESOME instead.

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4 thoughts on “Life tips from the pros”

  1. I suggest combining the 1st and the 9th: Girls are expensive, wait a week before purchasing. If you still want it, buy it; if not, don’t waste your money.

  2. Mail a hand written thank you note after a job interview. You will be the only person who did and you will be remembered in a VERY good light regardless of how the interview went. I have received offers from over 70% of the jobs I interviewed for and each offeror mentioned my personal note as a factor.

    • There is something just wrong with that. It says you have turned down 100% of the jobs you were offered. Must be nice.

      I can smell BS coming thru my wifi connection.

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