A phone call with Subway about BLT’s

This is an actual telephone conversation a man had with the manager of a Subway Sandwich shop.

BLT2Me: Yeah, we ordered sandwiches from you guys and my BLT has nothing but bacon and peppers in the bread, no lettuce or tomatoes.

Sub: Yes, we only put on lettuce and tomatoes if the customer requests it.

Me: But we did.

Sub: Sorry to disagree with you sir but I took the order myself, and you did not request those items.

Me: I specifically ordered a BLT.

Sub: Yes Sir you did, but you did not ask for lettuce and tomatoes.

Me: Umm.. actually I think I did when I ordered a BLT. A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.

Sub: We don’t put lettuce or tomatoes on a BLT unless specifically asked to sir, it’s company policy not to unless it’s requested by the customer.

(And this guy isn’t being sarcastic or a smartass, he really doesn’t see anything wrong here.)

Me: Umm.. Let me repeat this, I ordered a bacon.. lettuce.. and tomato.. sandwich. If I didn’t want lettuce and tomatoes I would not have ordered a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Sub: Your sandwich contained the banana peppers and mayo you requested, but you did not specify anything else.

Me: Ok. Well, keeping with your train of thought, answer this if you would: I did not specifically request bacon now did I?

Sub: No Sir, you did not specifically request bacon. Our BLT automatically comes with bacon.

Me: But not lettuce and tomatoes?

Sub: That’s correct sir. Not unless they’re requested.