9 thoughts on “Laundry – His and Hers”

  1. When I met my ex, he did two loads of laundry a week; light like colors and dark like colors. As far as I know he still does, except now he does them less frequently, he made it a point to buy 60 pairs of socks and 60 pairs of underwear, his job provides him with uniforms which they launder, all he has to worry about are weekend clothes and undergarments

  2. My washing is much more his than hers. If it comes out of a wash cycle ruined, it goes in the bin and if it comes through the wash and get wrecked in the dryer then it goes in the bin. If it comes through fine, it is a keeper!

  3. Mesh bags for the delicates, like knickers that need to be protected and bras in case they get bent. Everything else in the wash.

  4. Y’all got it wrong.
    Divide all your laundry into 2 categories.
    Those that take 30 minutes to dry and those that take an hour to dry. Works whether you use a dryer or clothes line.

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