TSA encounter in San Diego

Here’s the story on the encounter a man had with the TSA where he objected to being “sexually assaulted” during security screening at the San Diego airport that has been making the news of late.

These events took place roughly between 5:30 and 6:30 AM, November 13th in Terminal 2 of the San Diego International Airport. I’m writing this approximately 2 1/2 hours after the events transpired, and they are correct to the best of my recollection. I will admit to being particularly fuzzy on the exact order of events when dealing with the agents after getting my ticket refunded; however, all of the events described did occur.

I had my phone recording audio and video of much of these events. It can be viewed below.

Please spread this story as far and wide as possible.

Here’s his story and video (mostly audio) of his encounter with TSA.


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  1. It’s getting messy out there. As for myself I think they should worry about different soft targets. The past four or five attempts have been foiled by incompetence of the terrorists, or by superb security, or by vigilant people. I think instead of insulting the general public the vigilance of people on airplanes should be encouraged. I know that people will throw all sorts of things at me about racial profiling but that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about things that are out of place, people acting suspiciously, being open to talking to the passenger next to you. Instead we put on our headphones and watch the in flight movie.
    I think we should be vigilant at more than the airport. We should watch for things in large public places as well.

  2. This guy sounds like a complete tool. While the backscatter machines weren’t on the website, information about the patdown certainly was. If he didn’t want to agree to that (he was either trying to be difficult or has some emotional issues) then he shouldn’t have bought the ticket. The things he said, let alone his actions in spite of his knowledge of events just says he’s looking for trouble/a lawsuit. This guy’s an attention seeker and shouldn’t be given any. Why wouldn’t the metal detector be sufficient? Not all explosives or weapons are caught by one. If this guy suddenly got so nervous at an alternative method of detection, suspicious SHOULD be instantly raised against this guy. He made himself a target here.

    Now I’m not all against him and pro-security. The $10,000 fine is ridiculous, and given the circumstances he should not be held accountable. Granted I also am sure I wouldn’t want a guy who I strongly suspected of carrying a weapon with the suspected intention of massive harm to just walk out when it didn’t work the first time. It’s a complicated situation, moreso than he’s making it out to be.

  3. I dont get why everyone is worked up about getting ‘touched’. You pay the doctor to shove his fingers into your ass and twat without signing any consent papers. Get over yourself prudes. You elected the government that bought America’s freedom from security contractors.

    • The difference here, is that a Doctor is a paid professional, who is looking for something on your behalf at your request.

      The TSA, are a bunch of “high school dropouts” who have demonstrated on numerous occasions, that they find this titillating, (spying on colleagues going through the “nudie scan”, saving pictures off the same scanner). These same people are now employed to touch you, and have the power to enforce their versions of the rules on you, (isn’t this essentially what is at the heart of rape?)

      Look at the picture above the extremists have won, their ideals to have every American scared and enforcing knee-jerk reactions is their target!

      • According to your logic, then TSA are also paid professionals(read the definition of professional) who are looking for something that could potientially prevent you from dying. sounds like a doctor definition, doesnt it? Fellow humans, we can spin any remarks to suit our case and that’s what has happened by some extremist pundits who are afraid to be touched. There are 6,697,254,041(give or take a few kids shot over night by real urban terrorists) human organisms on the planet so what difference does it make if another one of them sees or touches you? Grow the fuck up. I believe if you want to see some hi-rez tittays, just turn on the internet. Pron princesses look better than you do.

        As to your definition of rape – you truely are misguided. A fuctard concept like that is what is really wrong with america.

        Like I alluded to before, real terrorism lives in our inner cities. Spend a day with some section 8 dwellers in the city and you will truely feel fear. Jackass Radio and TV have whipped otherwise useless lemmings into a furor over this and other nothings. You bought and paid for this amreica, now drink it in.

        • Wow, some anger there!!!

          I’m not even going to answer that, since most of it is less of a coherent argument and more of a stream of abuse.

          Anyway, I’m not in the US. πŸ™‚

    • You seem reasonable, not like all these other alarmists. Quick question, should I have my 5 year old daughter go through the child porn machine or the touchy-stranger line?

      • Damned if you do and damned if you don’t kinda situation there I’m afraid. I’m just glad I’m not living in the US.

  4. There are certain places where I feel I waive some “rights”. At work for example, I feel that I waive my “freedom of speech” in order to keep my job. If making it from point A to point B on an airplane without flying into a building or blowing up at 35,000ft in the air means someone sees a scanned image of what appears to be my naked body or wants to pat me down, go ahead. That’s probably the most action I will see that day anyway. It’s my choice to fly.

    • Will never fly under these requirements.

      My son and his family flew recently. They patted down my 10 month old grandson.

    • not that I travel much anyway but I don’t see myself flying under these rules either. It’s not that I’m scared of the AIT machine tho I do find the prospect of being groped by a stranger rather displeasing. It’s a point of ethics, TSA is going too far with this.

      We didn’t have metal detectors in schools a few years ago, in a few years more will there be the new AITs?

      Where do you draw the line on what rights you’re willing to give up?

  5. Take a leaf out of Stephen Fry’s book, just say, “Please don’t touch me, I’ll get an erection…”, then when he touches your junk, in your best Herbert the Pervert voice say, “hmmmmmmm…..”!

  6. “In light of TSA’s new more aggressive security patdowns I figured I’d share my family’s wonderful experience which I captured on video. My son and wife were somehow flagged for additional screening. I did not post my wife’s pat-down as I want to spare her the embarrassment but watching my 3 year old receiving additional screening was ridiculous.”

  7. JD–I do not want to go through the nudie scopes either–mainly because either I do not want anymore radiation exposure (if the machine uses X-rays) or I am not sure what the X-rays or the other technology would do to my insulin pump.

    The nudie scope is security theater and I do not want some Kabuki theater destroying a $6,000 piece of medical equipment that is helping to keep me alive. The nudie scopes aren’t going to help as they only see to the skin–remember the guy trying to blow up the Saudi prince with an explosive butt plug? He would not have been caught by a nudie scope.

    What’s even stranger is that with kids either someone is going to look at a nude image of a minor, or someone is going to grope a minor–either of which would get the usual person arrested, jailed, and forced to register as a sex offender–but not the TSA. I think this is ridiculous.

    What I will be doing is looking for the old-time magnetometers and using those.

    And trying to keep him after he decided not to fly goes against what the TSA has done for years, and that is to allow anyone who refuses to be inspected to leave.

    • I can’t fault you at all for not wanting to go through that machine, but I’m certain then if you bought the ticket you’d be okay with a manual pat down right? Trust me, I would go for the pat down over the “nudie scope” too, I’m very wary of getting more radiation than I need to.

      As for “looking at a minor or groping a minor”, to me these are professional people in a professional environment. The analogy to a doctor earlier was pretty good I’d say. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it unless it’s made sexual, and if that’s the case the person is acting unprofessionally and should be fired and penalized accordingly. Same goes for the groping…it should never BE a grope, just a pat. The way it was explained to that guy they just brush against it with the top of their hands to know where to stop. If they’re palming your privates then yes, there’s a problem. But it should never come to that, and if we just directed our energy into making a bigger deal out of that, we could eliminate the problems of “pat downs” and just use that as a safe alternative to the “nudie scopes”.

  8. My problem is the false sense of security. The TSA does not target anyone based on who is more likely to be a terrorist, but who will mildly submit to invasive screenings. Look at how it is done in Israel and get a clue as to how real security is done…

    • So what you are saying is that the U.S. is too big to be effective…The Israeli security is based on who is more like to be a terrorist. Why won’t the TSA get some balls and start doing more effective identifying of likely “bad guys.” Stop the damn political correctness. It will get somebody killed.

    • you know one policy they have in israel which makes sense is to use very attractive people for airline security checks and deck them out with make-up and stuff.

      They have done studies showing that it is hard to remember a complex lie when you are attracted to the person you are lying too. Anyone who has ever been single even once can verify this.

  9. I’m flying out of LAX in the morning. If they scan me and I find the pix posted on the Internet, I’ll make sure Jonco gets them for everyone to see. Might make a good avatar to put up by my name.

  10. Be assured, it will not be a hot girl that feels you up. Most TSA employees are obese, and have gold tattoos on their teeth. And you do sign papers to allow your doctor to probe your body cavities. I think big sis is going to far. Big sis hires GED graduates who like the idea that pee wee Herman is coming back to the air-waves.

  11. The TSA’s “security” is pure theatrics and nothing else. Anyone with a few minutes of actual thought and a motive could easily drop an airliner out of the sky. The aircraft itself has numerous “weapons” on board already before people even get on. It only takes a little creativity.

    These inane searches do NOTHING for your safety. In fact, all they really accomplish is get you accustomed to losing your freedoms “for your safety” and give you a false sense of security. Trust me, if a high school educated nut decided he wanted to take down an airliner, he can figure out a way to do it- even after being groped and fondled by the uniformed perverts.

    • That is what I’m talking about. Use your training and your eyes. But don’t give me that bull about not screening by ethnicity…

    • Israelis are always treated like crap but they have their sh** together. The measures described in the article makes perfect sense but would never happen in the U.S. because the masses of unskilled, uneducated facist automatons that infest our airports in the name of security would be out of a job due to the training requirements being beyond their mental capacity. I will be driving or taking the train as long as these security measures are in place. They need to be stopped.

  12. I’m thinking about eating a hugh bowl of chili about two-three hours before getting a body pat down. It will be gas warfare, if you get my drift…

  13. Because of this post, today I got a small pocket knife past two U.S. Marshals stationed at the metal detector in a federal courthouse. Even though they recognize me they still check my ID every time and they always take and keep my pocket knife until I leave the building. It was in the tray they scan along with my phone, wallet, keys, and change and apparently my placing it under the other stuff got it past them. They even hold and look at the tray when I put the stuff in and when I take it out but they didn’t notice it this time. Probably not big news and I’m sure it happens all the time, but my point is no matter what kind of security is in place, even with U.S. Marshals, a person determined to get a “weapon” through will find a way.

    • I’ve done the same thing with my pocket knife, both at the airport and at a courthouse. Granted it’s about the smallest knife you can get but it’s useful to me. Usually I just forget to take it out before I go in. It’s not worth going all the way back to the car to leave it there when I remember it before I get to the security checkpoint. With all the traveling I’ve done with it since 9/11 I’ve made it through security about half the time. If they confiscate it I just buy a new one ($10). Of course if I think about it I just leave it in the car.

  14. The TSA has gone out of control. I can’t think it has come to this in the usa. Reports regarding TSA agents acting like Nazi’s and embarking on petty power trips to frighten average men and women have gone completely of control and it needs to quit immediately. Even overlooking the principal concerns of major infractions of constitutional protections and decency, the truth is a many people have just declined to visit to America any more

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