9 thoughts on “A waiting Spot”

  1. Not the first dog to be so loyal. There are statues to Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh and Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo. I’ve seen the Greyfriars Bobby statue, and Disney made a movie of the story.

  2. Oh, man. This reminds me of my little Mama Shi-Tzu Sassie who’s 9. When I go out, she’s sitting by that garden door watching for me. When I had to go out of town for 6 weeks, she was sitting by that garden door waiting for me everyday. She actually had tears in her eyes when I came home. Sadly, this gentleman won’t be coming home to his faithful friend. Damn it, my monitor is getting blurry.

  3. Jonco, give Gus and Trixie a big hug!!!! 🙁 Even cats pine for owners, believe it or not. Just not like this; they get depressed.



  4. Apparently when i go on vacation every 3or4 years my dog wont fetch the ball for anyone or chase the hose around like a lunatic.He wont even go for his beloved walk with anyone else.
    I love my little Benny he is so loyal and cute.

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