Reward of 2 Million M&M’s returns stolen artwork

TheScreamSeptember 1, 2006 –  Hacketstown NJ: 
Just days after M&M’S(R) announced a sweetening of the pot for the return of the stolen Edvard Munch masterpiece, The Scream, the painting has reportedly been recovered in Norway.

Last week, the brand announced a reward of two million dark chocolate M&M’S(R) candies for the painting’s safe return as part of its promotional campaign to introduce M&M’SM&Ms(R) Dark Chocolate Candies. A new M&M’S(R) print ad features “Red,” the M&M’S(R) character, unexpectedly playing hopscotch in the background of “The Scream” and demonstrating that ‘dark just got fun.’ The ad, which brings a bit of levity and sense of humor to the famous dark existential painting, was launched on the two year anniversary of the painting’s theft.

“We chose to feature The Scream in the campaign because it is one of the world’s most recognizable dark paintings,” said Anibal Martini, M&M’S(R) Brand Marketing Director. “We’re obviously delighted that the painting has been recovered and we’re absolutely going to honor our offer of the reward.”

Martini said that specifics won’t be determined until the painting is authenticated and the reward can be coordinated with the police in Oslo, which was where the masterpiece was found after it was stolen two years ago from the Munch Museum.

Two million M&M’S(R) Dark Chocolate Candies translates to approximately 40,000 1.69 ounce bags with a retail value of about $22,000.00.

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