12 thoughts on “SURPRISE! We’re going to Disney World!”

  1. You never been to dicks howse? Aw maan! Dick’s house is da bomb!!! Dicks got that kewl claw foot tub in da front yard with dem green things growin out it. An nen he got dat gun that shoots that stuff that sunk dose cans in swamp last summer….man…Dicks howse is great man. Member he took that axe and chopped jimmy’s ninetendough 64 in haf, an now it’s a 32…but it still works, right?

    Looks like the beginning of another white trash road trip.

  2. After that reaction I would tell them that they are really going to Dick’s house and that I’M going to Disney without them.
    Maybe after they get a few postcards they’d feel different.
    (Besides with all the money i’d save not dragging them along i’d be able to really enjoy myself)

  3. IDK, maybe Dick is a really important person in their lives and Disney doesn’t mean squat to them. Honestly as a kid, I love family more than Disney. I didn’t give a shit about Disney as a kid, but I LOVED visiting relatives. And I don’t know, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least not in my book.

  4. Ungratfull little shits, I want DICK, I want DICK…How about a great big thank you to mom… I would drive to the nearest McDonalds that had a play land and leave them FOR EVER!!! And by the way Weiner head you are a tard

  5. Who the hell is Dick and why is he better than Disney?? And by the way, “mardy little twat” is now my new favorite catch phrase! Thanks Keith!!

  6. yeah send them to dick’s house and go with out them. it really can be the happiest place on earth when ya leave the kids with family and just the grownups go you can eat what you want go on the rides you want swim when you want. yeah we have taken the kids too not totally heartless but jeez at least mine acted happy about it poor mom she probly saved like crazy for that trip too

  7. wonder if mom is submitting that to the disney site for the comercials? if not she can save it for years later when whose kids start griping about how their own kids are ungrateful little toerags yep save it and play it for the grandkids. poor mom poor poor mom

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