Lady Solves Wheel of Fortune Puzzle With 1 Letter

She, ‘had a good feeling about it’.

Thanks DJ

4 thoughts on “Lady Solves Wheel of Fortune Puzzle With 1 Letter”

  1. Well she’s also stupid unless the rules a different all of a sudden but if she chose a T she would have had 2700 bucks instead of 900.

  2. Her good luck/ genius is undone by her clapping herself like a retarded trained seal. thats what I hate most about American gameshows, morons clapping themselves:S.

  3. I paused the video to see if I could solve it and I also got it with her “L”. I like to play around with words and after doing many cryptograms etc, I’ve learned a lot about word and sentence structure in this sense. When I used to watch the show with my parents years ago, I’d sometimes solve the puzzles with only 1 letter and even no letters. My parents were always saying I should go on the show.

    Guessing “L” first was smart. The first word stands out to be solved easily. At first glance I’d guess it was either “I’ll” or “I’ve”. If it was “I’ll”, then the 2 L’s would be worth more money than one V and there’s a better chance that there are other L’s in the puzzle and not so many V’s. So go for the “L”. Turns out the word was in fact “I’ve” but she got her L anyway. The 3-letter word that usually follows “I’ve” is “got” then the 3rd word pretty much has to be “a”. “I’ve got a…” now the rest is a gamble. Just so happens, I just heard the song “I Got a Feeling” so the song is in my head. Maybe the song bouncing around up there helped me get the word “feeling”, I don’t know. The rest fell into place for me.

    I don’t know her reason for solving it though.

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