3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity Speech”

  1. Amazing how we have endless goof-ball politicians and TV/Radio personalities polarizing us and it takes one comedian to bring us together. Sometimes the “serious” guy comes from the most unlikely source.

  2. I like Jon. He’s a thoughtful commentator, a useful jester in the grand tradition.

    When you boil it down his message is “America is ok”. It’s not though. We do make mountains out of molehills, we do overreact to nonsense that would have never made page 8 in a previous media model. That we have these faults doesn’t mean “there’s no there, there”. He makes valid points and I hope he continues to hammer those.

    The poet Rodney King had an even simpler message. Sure, we should learn to get along. But after the speeches we still need to pay the bills. The issues don’t go away because we work together nicer in groups. Be more polite, discuss policies on their merits, not soundbites – good starting points. But not solutions.

    Glad his rally was a hit. I do hope good springs from it and it’s not just a balm for the masses.

  3. Perception is reality.

    When you have such a large part of this country so in fear that the country is in end times, they aren’t going to want to spend. While it is kinda funny when Bush’s tactic to battle the downfalling economy was to spend spend spend, in a sense it’s correct. When we have people who are afraid to spend, the vicious cycle perpetuates itself and of course we’ll never come out of a recession.

    When such a significant portion of the economy is afraid to go anywhere, do anything, help anyone, we’ll forever be stuck in this recession. And the people in charge of the fear-mongering know it. They know that if they can scare everyone into electing a certain party, the natural thing to happen next is that people relax and start to spend again and the economy will naturally grow, no thanks to the party in power, but they’ll fully give credit to that party.

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