18 thoughts on “Bass Ackwards”

  1. That’s why retards voted for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. If you disagree, you’re a retard. You’re just too retarded to know.

    • wait, there aren’t that many mentally handicapped people, how did they win then?

      Think about that shit. Retard.

          • Dan. Its Americans like you that make the country itself look “retarded” This is a nation with a very important amendment, the freedom of speech. We have the right to vote who ever we want and that’s our opinion. Don’t be a conservative asshole. I Personally didn’t vote for Obama but the election is over and you need to deal with it, like I have. He is our president and its not a easy job, no matter who holds the position.

  2. Actually she’s wrong. Fox News is the Horror Channel. I don’t care if you’re left, right, middle or outer limits. What Fox calls “news” only qualifies as such in state run media jurisdictions.

    • I agree, infi. The fact that so many young folks get their news from Comedy Central is EXACTLY why Obama got elected. Badly informed electorate. This clown (Obama) will turn us into Europe II if we let him continue. And before you jump on that, Europe is just fine…for Europeans.

  3. Strange that folks complain about Fox News or any other show for that matter. There’re lots of shows, news and otherwise that I despise….Guess what???!!! I don’t watch them, I watch what I like and the hell with the rest.

    You’ve got a brain and a remote, learn to use both.

  4. Faux news viewers are most misinformed:


    I’m sure there are plenty who are unaware the DA cleared ACORN of implied footage of giving illegal advice to a pimp, stating after watching the entire video that it was severely edited to create that impression. That’s news you would never see or hear on Faux.

    Hmmm, this statement sounds awfully elitist: “This clown (Obama) will turn us into Europe II if we let him continue.”

    Elitism: consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group. (dictionary.com)

    Why yes. By the sheer transitive properties of conservative talking points, they are exactly what they hate. No wonder they always sound so confused.

  5. It’s fuggin hilarious that there are still idiots who think Faux News is a news channel. They don’t even pretend they’re a news channel anymore. They don’t even pretend they are unbiased. I know they used to years ago with their “We report, you decide” slogan, but that’s changed. They openly admit they are all conservatives. That should be a hint right there that it’s not a unbiased news organization.

    I have no problems with Faux News viewers if they just come to the realization that they aren’t watching the news. They are watching entertainment TV for conservatives, just like Comedy Central is pretty much entertainment TV for liberals. And it’s a free market country, you can watch whatever you want, just at least be smart enough to realize what you’re watching.

    I give Faux News a big thumbs up in terms of being able to operate successfully as a company. They know what their viewers want and they feed it to them like crack cocaine. They are making a killing. Just like Apple, I don’t care for their products much at all, but I have to give it to them. They know how to keep people coming back for more, even if it’s just all hype.

  6. I love how this so called rally was supposed to be for people with level heads, and yet the only actual political signs seen were anti-Republican.

    • Ummm, considering it’s mostly republicans who utilize words like socialism, fascism and communism not only as if they know what they mean, but they use them on one person as if they all mean the same thing. Or the mere fact that people who vote republican are so unaware they vote against their own interests. Or it could be the fact that the GOP has no real plan to lower the debt except to end all discretionary spending which is a drop of water in the ocean of debt, but they play it up and hope enough voters are simple enough to not figure out the truth–which really makes them cynical in how they manipulate for the sheer sake of getting elected. Or it could be that the GOP’s only goal is to wreak havoc on the present presidency rather than honestly work together–showing they have less interest in governing and more interest just being in power. Level heads see this and address it without screaming, punching or stomping on people’s heads.

  7. Fox News is merely entertainment for people who like to be entertained when watching the news. By those lights, Comedy Central does a better job of both entertaining and informing.

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