16 thoughts on “Coca-Cola’s new bottle – Mystic”

  1. The design will certainly be popular at rave parties. I don’t know about sexy but pretty spaced out.

  2. Not impressed.

    BTW, Jonco, what is too short for a comment and what is too long? I got a message that my two word comment was too short, and I’ve gotten a message once for being “too spammy” (OK, that one might have been a reference to physique)

  3. I’ll tell you now, you can pay me later. I’ll send Jonco his 5% once I receive payment.

    I think the minimum comment allowed is 15 characters long.

    There’s at least 3 ways around that. Here’s 2 of the easiest I know:

    Looks like ALN typed “please (+8 or more spaces) !” Those 8 or more spaces will show up as only 1 space so that it ends up as “please !” The extra spaces can’t be at the beginning or the end.

    I think Gary typed something at least 15 characters long then used the edit function after submitting to reduce it to “OK!”

    Anyone have other ideas? Maybe something like this can go in FAQ, Jonco?

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