“I ♥ Boobies” bracelet runs afoul of authorities

Iheartboobies-620That’s school authorities.

 A $4 rubber bracelet meant to raise breast cancer awareness has done that and more: Students nationwide are wearing the “I ♥ boobies” wristbands, and running afoul of school administrators.

Schools from California to Florida have banned the bracelets because they believe the “boobies” language is inappropriate.

The bracelets are marketed by a California-based nonprofit created to raise breast cancer awareness among youth. The Keep A Breast Foundation has sold 2 million of the bracelets so far, with the money going to breast cancer research and education programs.

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14 thoughts on ““I ♥ Boobies” bracelet runs afoul of authorities”

  1. Seriously? Seriously?!! I know I cuss my head off, but “boobies” is not at all offensive. If anything, some people can’t say breast, and call them boobs instead. Seriously?!!! HOW FAR will this idiocy go?! Fucking idiots.

  2. I love the web site Save The Ta-Ta’s, with their ‘boob lube’, etc.! It’s on my ‘Favorites’. (I have the magnet on my car, and a bunch of other stuff. All this, and I’m a foot guy, not a boob guy! LOL) I just realize the importance of regular check-ups for breast cancer (Among other things), which BTW guys can get, too!

  3. While I don’t condone censorship, there has to be reasonable rules in schools to keep distracting things out of school. What if they make bracelets called “I love anal” in support of colon cancer?

    Besides, the “I love boobies” bracelets don’t even support breast cancer like people think. Of the few millions of dollars they’ve made, they’ve donated like a 100 grand and pocketed the rest of the money.

    Even they have said no money will go to breast cancer research. They are about awareness. I really don’t care about awareness. There’s enough awareness out there. I would rather see my money go towards supporting those going thru breast cancer and their families or research.

  4. Well, I think we should have one to the ladies too!

    Where’s the “I Love TeaBagging” in support of testicular cancer?

  5. I don’t think it matters how it gets out there, as long as it gets out there. For every kind of cancer/disease/affliction. We were told to use the word “Boobies” when we were kids coz “Tits” was a bad word. Go figure!


  6. I’m a middle school assistant principal. Last week, I took one up from one of my students; it was later returned to the parent who came to claim the item. I am sympathetic to the cause; my mom battled breast cancer twice. However, if you know middle school boys (aka hormones with legs…), you can imagine the distraction it can create in the classroom.

      • I don’t think these boys have porn in the classroom. I believe DW would agree, that would be a distraction also. Really, the point was about appropriate venue, not whether they have access to porn.

  7. I can’t help but think the vendor of these bracelets took this opportunity to play into schoolboy humor while making a buck on a cause (see Sander’s comment) with the hope and expectation it would cause a controversy thereby selling even more.

    Well played cancer profiteer. Enjoy your special level in Hell.

  8. Well, all I can say is that I’m 28 years old and I love the boobies! I am inclined to wear one for that fact i like to put my face in between boobs, not because I’m trying to raise cancer awareness. I’m sure if I was still in middle-school or even high-school I’d be wearing it for even less cancer aware reasons. In the days of teen-sexting I’m sure this is used as just more innuendo with a “oh no, it’s for cancer” defense by the kids in school.

  9. I’ve been seeing these bracelets on kids at the middle school where I teach. It’s always Beavis and Butthead type boys who are wearing them, not anyone I can remotely believe is concerned about cancer. In fact, my response is usually to say, “Oh, I see you are deeply concerned about women’s health care issues.” Their response is typically a blank stare because they can’t figure out what I’m talking about…

  10. The only reason half of these students are wearing these bracelets is for the humor of it. Would they still wear them if they instead said “Help Fight Breast Cancer”? Probably not. The meaning is the same but the way the message is delivered is completely different.

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