A few cool computer tips


[Ctrl] + [1] to [9] – jump to tab numbers 1 to 8 or last tab (9)
Rather than scrolling through all your open tabs, you can quickly navigate to a specific tab if you know its position. For example, clicking [Ctrl] + [4] will open to tab number 4 (from the left). With [Ctrl] + [9] you will jump to the very last tab, no matter how many you have open.

[Ctrl] + mouse wheel – change font size
With the new generation high resolution screens we often find that text on websites is way too small to read properly. Here is a little trick that can quickly increase the font size for better reading.

While you hold down the control key, move your mousewheel to increase or decrease the font size in Firefox. This will also work in other programs, for example Word.

This is also very useful for making a website fit your window size, rather than to adapt the browser window.

[F11] – toggle full screen
Quickly change into full screen mode.

Windows XP

[SHIFT] + [Del] – bypass Recycle Bin
Selecting a file and pressing the combination above will invoke a delete confirmation dialog. Clicking ‘Yes’ will delete the file without sending it to the Recycle Bin.

[Windows] + [D] – show desktop or restore open windows
This is the keyboard shortcut to the respective quick launch taskbar icon.


10 thoughts on “A few cool computer tips”

  1. Ctrl+Mouse wheel works in internet explorer, as does F11.
    Windows + R brings up the “Run” command
    Windows + L locks the system
    Ctrl + Shift + Escape brings up the task manager. This one is really only useful if you’re using remote desktop, a virtual machine, or are joined to a domain. Otherwise, you can get to the same task manager by using Ctrl-Alt-Del.

    That’s my two cents.

    • I didn’t know the Ctrl = Shift = Escape one before. Cool! Because if I do Ctrl + Alt + Delete I still have to select the Task Manager from the menu with Winws 7.

  2. Windows + E to bring up My Computer folder
    If you’re on a laptop: Windows + X to bring up Windows Mobility Center (for fast monitor switching and more)
    If you ever find your keyboard is typing weird characters, try ctrl+shift once or several times (thats the shortcut for switching languages/keyboard layouts, if installed)

    middle mouse button a link to open it in a new tab
    middle mouse button the tab to close it
    double click the tab bar for a new tab, or ctrl + t
    ctrl + tab to switch tabs just like alt + tab switches windows
    shift + ctrl + tab to switch in the opposite direction
    Backspace to go back a page
    / to do a quicksearch on the page, but ctrl+f has more options
    When zooming with ctrl+mousewheel or ctrl+-or+, ctrl+0 will bring it back to normal

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