Thursday Caption Contest

Unstable ground

Here’s Thursday’s caption contest.  We’ll award the prize of a full copy of Notifier2 to the person who has the best caption.  Note:  Be sure you have your correct email address on your comment data.  If it’s not correct we can’t notify you if you win.

Notifier2 allows you to check multiple email accounts (google, yahoo, hotmail) and affiliate (adsense, admob, cafepress, sitemeter….) accounts in one nifty little program on Windows. More info.

Wednesday’s winner was MCW.  Wednesday’s contest

58 thoughts on “Thursday Caption Contest”

  1. Due to a lack of funds for their daughter’s 5th birthday party Jim Bob and Elma Joe decided that with a little ingenuity and the over flow from the septic tank that they would be able to provide the kiddos party with a bouncy castle afterall.

  2. While the last of the tremors worms managed to escape to suburbia un-noticed, he accidently blew his cover when he couldn’t hold it any more and let loose the fierciest fart known to man and worm alike.

  3. Step 1: Install sprinkler system
    Step 2: Place Tarp over sprinkler system
    Step 3: Place Sod over the top of the tarp
    Step 4: Watch for hours as a sprinkler tech scratches his head.

  4. New sprinkler system $5000
    New Sod for the lawn $5000
    Forgetting to remove the tarp between the two…. Priceless… and expensive

  5. “Dang nab it, last time I laid the lounge carpet, I trapped the hamster, now when I lay the new turf in the paddock, I manage to trap our newest foal…”

  6. Step 1) flood Hell.
    Step 2) wait for winter.
    Step 3) collect on all bet’s ever made involving “Hell freezing over”.

    • Just wait. If there’s a heart-warming story or gut-wrenching tragedy or something, DJ, Scott, Richard, and I will ridicule it to no end until everyone stops reading and moves to the next post. If we can somehow fit politics in as well, we might have some additional commentary from PinB. However, typically infidel only responds to guns and leather.

    We had a lot of good entries, but CLH wins with this entry:

    And this is where we buried Rosie O’Donnell!

    CLH will be contacted by email with instructions on how to claim his prize.

    This was the hardest to judge so far. We had a lot of good entries. This was my second favorite: “This is nothing you should have see the great sewer bubble of 68″ – A L N

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