6 thoughts on “Tire fire inflation”

  1. We use to do this when I was in the Army. What it doesn’t show you is them spraying the inside of the tire with ether. Your just making a small explosion.

  2. The first part is missing. You spray the ether or other combustible inside the tire first filling it with vapor. Then you ignite it as shown.

  3. The sidewall of the tyre has come off the wheel, and until that’s back in place, no amount of pumping will reinflate the tyre.
    By spraying an aerosol can into the tyre and igniting the propane propellant (An ether-based engine starter aerosol is even better), the propane expands in a controlled explosion, pushing outwards with great force on the tyre sidewalls until further movement is stopped by the wheel-bead. Once that’s done, the tyre will still require pumping to correct pressure.
    The alternative method requires getting the wheel off the vehicle and prying the rubber into place with tyre-levers.

    The reason the tyre came off? Being run at very low pressures for off-road applications. The really big high, ballooon type tyres are the worst for this.

  4. Another alternate method that I prefer doesn’t require you to take the tire off of the vehicle or burning off your eyebrows. Take a ratchet strap and wrap around the tread of the tire hookingthr strap to itself, then tighten. This will force the bead against the rim to create a good enough seal to take air. I have used this method to great success on trailer and heavy equipment tires.

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