Shrimp scampi = Shrimp shrimp


 The derivation of the word “scampi” is somewhat unclear, but it is generally thought to be an Italian-American word for shrimp that, according to, now means “a large shrimp or prawn.”

So, are you ordering “shrimp shrimp” when you place an order for shrimp scampi?  Maybe, but at least it’s not blatantly contradictory like “jumbo shrimp.” Don’t get me started.


9 thoughts on “Shrimp scampi = Shrimp shrimp”

  1. Ok, I’m italian, I try to explain. They are different animals:
    Gamberi = Shrimps
    Gamberoni = Bigger Shrimps
    Scampi = are a different kind of shrimp, as big as gamberoni with a harder skin (how do you call it? skin? shell?)
    I link three picturers:

    …gamberoni are my favorite!

  2. It’s like saying East Timor; Timor is East in Malay, but it’s the old spelling. These days it’s spelled with a ‘u’, but the old spelling is still used. East East!

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