13 thoughts on “The real reason dinosaurs became extinct”

  1. fuckyeahalbuquerque? No, fuck YOU, albuquerque. Ripping off Gary Larson. Here’s the real thing, asshat:

    Oh, yeah, MCW: stop reading my posts and you’ll be OK

    • I think they’re both from Larson as his signature is on both. Just two different versions of the same cartoon I assume. I usually credit the sources I got the picture from. Most of the time I have no idea who the original artist is. Although FYA doesn’t seem to credit it’s sources the internet would be a lot smaller if no one copied other’s works.

    • Not to mention on FYA:
      “P.S. I give credit where credit is due, if I posted something from you and i didn’t give you credit…let me know and I will fix it!”

      Doesn’t sound like he’s out to rip anyone off.

  2. Once again I feel as if I have come in during the middle of a PinB rant. Larson’s name is clearly shown on the pic and what does that have to do with fuckyeahakbuqerque?

  3. Bah, I’m about to jack one of these dinos and stealz their ciggys!!! Seriously, Mr. Meee might die this week. I. WANT. A. CIGARETTE!

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