63 thoughts on “Miss Silver’s new attire”

  1. That’s one wild B&P Gal tempting fate right there…a cigarette & a beer, and standing next to a brick wall in NZ!
    Hey Jonco…her shirt looks a lot better than mine, idk.

  2. Great shot, Miss S.
    I wonder how many folks see the shirt and think “I’ve had pork bbq…I’ve had chicken bbq….but BIG ASS BBQ?????”

  3. Cool…St. Louis to Missy S. in New Zealand. You are one beautiful Lady, Missy S. Gives me strength to think that young folk like you and Maoman are going to continue on. πŸ™‚ Thank You.

  4. I love this entire B&P community (except P in b, what a bore!) Such a great bunch of folks that Jonco has brought together here! Gus and Trixie also have their fans – myself, for one!

    BTW, Just kidding, Paul!

    • Gus and Trixie are the B&P mascots!! Absolutely adorable pups, I just love seeing photos of them. πŸ˜€

      And they’re on the shirt. Super awesome!

  5. Meee, no smokes in 3 days? Cool, you rock. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. Ummmm, you look different in real life, just sayin’,

    • I only smoke occasionally, or when I’m stressed. I don’t buy my own packs, I just get some off of my boyfriends. And stop drooling! LOL!

  6. B&P women are hot, but Miss Silver you are too beautiful to be smoking. Put it down before it ruins your looks with premature aging of your skin, not to mention the known health risks associated with tobacco.

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