14 thoughts on “Brooklyn tornado footage”

  1. As a life long mid-westerner, I can say that was a sprinkle, or maybe even a light shower, but it was not a tornado.

    But if you never seen one, then I can see how you’d be confused. I guess thats why they think the Mets are a good team.


  2. I’ve been smack dab in the middle of a real tornado, that was just heavy rain! By the way, it’s nice to hear that young folks are so articulate these days. You could have closed your eyes and imagined it…not.

    • I heard on the news this morning that they did confirm it was two tornadoes that hit…. with wind gusts up to 125mph.

      • Still, it just looked like a typical heavy shower in Georgia..I agree with cowracer, In tornado situations, standing close to the windows and filming is not too smart.

        • It’s not smart, but I would have a hard time going to the basement and miss the excitement. I’d want to film it so I could post it here.

  3. I was surprised to see they weren’t wearing skirts. In all honesty though, starting about 1:56, that tree was getting the crap beat out of it.

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