10,000 Birds caught inside WTC memorial lights on 9/11

More than 10,000 confused birds were trapped by the beams of memorial lights switched on to mark the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York.

Two beams emanating from Manhattan, known as the Tribute of Light, had to be turned off five times to allow the migrating birds to continue on their journey last week.

The birds were on their way from Canada to the warmer climate of the Caribbean and South America.

They do not always fly over New York and the last time their migratory path coincided with September 11 was in 2004.

The Tribute of Light is turned on by the Municipal Art Society every year on the anniversary of the attacks.

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  1. Why do those terrorist birds HATE America? I bet Obama ORDERED the proud citizens of NYC to COMPROMISE their memorial so those ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS wouldn’t be offended.

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