Australia is paying to bring Oprah and her audience to Sydney

OprahIt won’t cost Oprah a cent!

Australia paid 2.3 million US dollars to bring American megastar Oprah Winfrey with her famed chat show — and its screaming audience — to the country to boost its global profile, officials said Tuesday.

Winfrey told an ecstatic American studio audience of 300 they would be flown to Australia to film episodes of her show during a tourist dash which would take in beaches, vineyards, Sydney Harbour and the city’s “Oprah” House.

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7 thoughts on “Australia is paying to bring Oprah and her audience to Sydney”

  1. I did wonder why they were flying a whole audience over when there are millions of fans here. It felt a bit like, I’ll come to your country but I wont be left alone in a room with any of you!
    Whatever, we are AWESOME!!!

    • *Sob* I just want to come and visit you Bitsy. *Sob*
      Plus the fact that John Travolta is suppose to be flying the plane. He’s still cute. Staying Alive!

  2. At first i thought our government had gone stark raving MAD But once i heard how popular she is and how many country’s she’s seen in, and banking on the fact she will say only good things about us and show how beautiful our country is I think this is money well spent for once
    The last time the government spent millions trying to promote Aus. we ended up with this

    Oprah where the bloody hell are you
    BTW i have never watched her show but I’m guessing it’s a bit more positive than Jerry Springer

    • I like Oprah, but I thought it was interesting that ‘she’s taking everyone to Australia’ and it’s not costing her anything. Everyone thinks she’s so generous… and maybe she really is. A few years back she gave everyone in the audience a new Chevrolet car. Gee, now I wonder how much she paid for and how much was promotion. There was a lot of press about how the audience members had to pay all the taxes and freight on the cars which amounted to somewhere between $7,000 and $9,000 per vehicle. Some couldn’t afford it and didn’t take the free car. I think if she wanted to be really generous she would have paid the tax on the cars so all the people would have to buy is insurance and gas.
      As I said in the beginning, I like her and her show. I don’t watch it very often, but she can put on a good show about almost any topic.

  3. I thought the cars were donated by the car company -Oprah doesn’t pay for any of the stuff she gives away -It’s all advertising promotion for the companies that have her give it away – She just takes credit for it.

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