9 thoughts on “‘Waistline’ vs Actual wastline”

  1. Now that its been pointed out, it makes perfect sense. Of course you’d want to increase the attractiveness of your brand by making people feel better about themselves, and what better way to do that than to make people feel slimmer by falsifying your sizes.

    I never suspected it, because I thought like the author of the article. Math is math. 36 inches is 36 inches. Sure you fudge vague terms like “large” or “extra large”, but not a concrete number.

    • Fold it up, tuck it away and maybe when you’re 82 like Jonco and DJ, then you’ll fit it. Oh, I just know I might catch shit for this one. Oooopsie! 😉

    • Nah it’s ok. I’m thrilled with my one-of-a-kind shirt made just for me. What an honor to receive such a recognition. Thanks again Jonco.

      But I’m still gonna tease him about it. 🙂

      Perhaps if I didn’t lose 25 lbs while going through that rough time last year..

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