12 thoughts on “Faith, the two-legged dog”

  1. What an amazing dog. And obviously very smart since she prefers the Army troops versus the Marines..Right Revrick? LOL

  2. Times like this makes me want to throw the book into the faces of the men who wrote that dumbass motherfucking rule in Islam that says dogs are unclean. Dogs are fucking awesome, and this dog is a survivor. I would love to give Faith a big hug and I don’t care if people say it’s unclean; the dog kicks ass! Two legs, man, that’s just freaking amazing. I love dogs, I love all of Allah’s creations. Dogs rule!

    And this dog is just an inspiration; you go, Faith! Keep hoppin’!

    Here’s a video about Faith’s story. CUTE PUPPY PHOTOS~!

    • I don’t know much about your religion Missy S. but I will tell you that there are a lot more unclean humans than dogs. Dogs give you unconditional love. I couldn’t live without mine and this young gal in the video is bloody amazing. If she can keep going…then so can the rest of us. Faith, good name. 🙂

      • Islam has many convoluted rules and the fact that I disagree with most of them makes me somewhat of a rebel. I always get shit for it, but in my opinion, religious does not always equal moral.

  3. @Jonco: I don’t post a lot of comments here, but every day you bring me something good. Inspiring quotes, astonishing facts, hilarious videos, mind blowing pie charts ;)… This dog is too heart moving for me to just ignore the fact that you brought the emotion to me. Thank you. A lot. From Paris, France.

    • That’s nice to hear, runuts. I like hearing from those who rarely comment. I gives me the incentive to keep doing this. I hope you also read the comments along with the posts. They almost always enhance the post and sometimes are much better. Please keep commenting when you can.

    • yeah, i don’t touch those. mainly because back home, they’re treated badly; they get stacked in cages, it’s really just a sad sight. So I don’t support that trade back home, as well as the religious thing. 😛 Something about a drought in the old days, and that they’re too difficult to maintain. Ah, religious translations are always confusing.

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