6 thoughts on “Babies eating lemons”

  1. am I the onlyone who finds this evil and borderline child abuse? I dont like people doing this to babies for their own amusment.

    I once got into a fight with a redneck at Ponderosa steakhouse because he thought it was the height of hilarity to feed his infant son Jalapeno peppers.

    I regret that the cops got there before I could cram a handfull of peppers in his mouth..


  2. Jalapenos would be bad because they cause actual physical pain. My kids actually liked lemons when they were little and would have fun grabbing them, then sucking and making faces at each other. Babies are capable of recognizing a food they don’t like and turning away.

  3. It seems like about half the babies thought the experience was worth it…I don’t remember my 1st lemon, but I do have early memories of my brother and I begging our mom for lemons when he was just a little older than these babies.

  4. Cowracer, you are right about the Jalapeno peppers. That is something that a child can not tolerate. Lemons, meh, it won’t hurt them.

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