17 thoughts on “Firebox”

  1. I feel bad for the people who were actually using the alarm in the event of a fire! It may have deterred pranksters but it trapped the honest people in burning building O_O

    • My recollection was they weren’t in buildings but out on street corners. I remember the exact corner of the one I can remember. I don’t know how many there were or how far apart they were. I can recall only the one specifically.

  2. There should be something like this for the keyboards of people who try to leave nasty comments here. Maybe Jonco Industries can make something.

  3. In this day and age, I wouldn’t allow myself to be trapped like that without a suitably sized pistol in my free hand.

    reloading is gonna be a bitch, though…


  4. I was standing on the street corner, waiting for a bus when I was about 10-11 and the red firebox on the telephone pole started making this buzzing noise. Couple of minutes later I’m surrounded by fire trucks, sirens, the whole bit. I wasn’t lying when I said I never touched it, or even came close to it, but they didn’t believe me. The fire chief asked a neighbor who lived right there if she had a dark closet he could use for a minute, and he took me inside it and shined some kinda flashlight (blacklight I guess) on my hands and checked me out pretty good but there was nothing to see. The little white handle that you pulled was painted with flourescent paint. I’m glad it was because they were sure I was the guilty guy. Guess it was just a defective box.

  5. Isn’t that entrapment to have a box like this out in the middle of the street? I mean, that’s kinda like putting a box of donuts in the middle of a room full of fat kids. You know someone’s gonna go for it.

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