BABBQ 1 in in the books

The First Ever Bits & Pieces Big Ass BBQ is over… and I’m exhausted.  What a great group of people and what a great time.  We had an enjoyable night at Fast Eddies Friday night.  At the BBQ we had excellent food.  Hats off to my son Dave and friend Dan who created a superb day of St. Louis style food, everything from salmon to toasted ravioli, to ribs to pork steaks and good old corn on the cob.  We couldn’t have asked for a better weather day…. thanks to Anthony (ALN), who brought down some great weather from Idaho.





I’ll post more pictures tomorrow today, but I’ve got to get some sleep.  It’s past midnight.

24 thoughts on “BABBQ 1 in in the books”

  1. Gus & Trixie!~!! Awwww! Wish I were there! Instead I’m stuck here in Tomorrow cowering everytime there’s an aftershock.

  2. BAAAW the food looked delish, and the cakes too! And looks like you guys had so much fun! :'( -sniff sniff- Ughhh wish I could have been there!

  3. Jonco, you look more like Tobin Bell in ever picture you post. Lucky thing for the attendees at the BABBQ it’s only a passing resemblance 😛 Looks like a fun time had by all, about how many people showed up? Hard to get an idea from the pictures.

  4. Jonco you throw the best BABBQ’s I wish i could have been there. Maybe next time. Thanks for sharing photos DJ and Jonco

  5. I’m still stoked about the BABBQ. Special thanks to Pat (Mrs Jonco)for her innate graciousness and friendliness, obvious from the moment we arrived, it allowed my wife(a recluse of some renown)to relax and enjoy herself.

    Dave and Dan certainly put the BBQ in the BABBQ…what a feast they prepared.
    Jonco is blessed with great family and friends, and two great dogs(special shoutout to Gus and Trixie)

    It was so good to meet the B&P family…we had fun, we even had some pun.

    Jon, you’re the best….I’m already hoping for a BABBQII-the sequel

    Gary & Ariane

  6. Anyone still in town…several of us are meeting downtown to tour The Arch this morning. We’re trying to meet in the parking lot closest to the north leg of the arch around 9:30-9:45 am this morning.

  7. Loved the pictures!! I was away all weekend running a car rally that we organise every year and my husband leaves on his Peking to Paris Rally in about 12 hours so I didn’t manage to send in a video or to make contact while the event was on but I was thinking of you all!!!
    Thanks for the hand held message, it made me cry!! I appreciate you holding it the right way up in the second pic!


  8. I guess you’re exhausted! Look at all the work you fine folks put into that! All I can say is Wow…Just Wow. From the beautiful cake, pretzels,and FOOD to the t-shirts, prizes, games and DJ’s hat. You did an awesome job Mr. Jonco and beautiful family. Meee’s hubby looks thrilled with winning that wonderful guitar, as Scott does with his t-shirt. A huge effort and well received, I’m told. I bust out bawling when I saw the signs too Bitsy. I’m just thrilled that you thought of it and took the time to do that. Thank You from me too. If there’s another one next year, I’ll be there if I have to crawl. Big God-damn Hugs for your family, Jonco. Looks like everyone had a blast.

    • You have no idea how much I wish I could have gone to the BABBQ! The food looked delish, and the weather is great! So much better than the spring cold here, and the CRAP we have to deal with after the quake! I’ve never been through one, and it’s fucking scaring the shit out of me. My depression issues are worsening!! AND THERE WAS A QUAKE AS I TYPED THIS FUUUCK!

  9. I’m so bummed out I couldn’t make it. I had an event to shoot during the MU-ILL halftime that I couldn’t find anyone to shoot for me being a holiday weekend and all. I was thinking I’d still come out after the shoot since it was scheduled for 11:30 am, but 11:30 am was when the MU-ILL game started, not when halftime was.

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