9 thoughts on “Why are you so happy?”

  1. Why would you want to stick a soaked tampon up there? What’s the point?! You wanna get hammered real quick, drink absinthe. Do shots. Anything but tampons!

  2. I disagree, women do this all the time. It gives them a peaceful, easy feeling. The drawback is they have cotton mouth all night and they are hard to understand.

  3. According to an episode of C.S.I., it does… Katey Segal played a sitcom actress who got drunk this way in a 2008 episode.

  4. It gets you drunk instantly. You can pass out right away, and you can die. It’s a bad idea.

    I do not know this from personal experience.

  5. Why would u get drunk without drinking? Its like having a baby without having sex first.
    Lets skip The fun part and get right to The hangover :p

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