B&P Link Dump

Pee Wee Herman goes to Sturgis     via

How toilet posture affects your health

Are you a Rebel or a Yankee?  The Yankee Dixie quiz (I scored 58% Dixie.  Barely in Dixie.)

Freezing skull saves man’s life

Population of the dead

35 Life hacks you should know     via

If Star Wars had Facebook statuses

Google now has Realtime Search

Time warp – The Lindy Spin in slo-motion     via

Belgium Considers a Greener Alternative to Cremation

10 Things Never to Feed Your Dog

Pulp Disney  NSFW

Full Metal Disney  NSFW

9 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

    • I struggled with that one. Spent several years in Virginia and they called them service roads there. I don’t think I ever called them anything before that.

      I was 52% Dixie on the first test. On the advanced test I was 38% Dixie. I grew up in NE Ohio near the PA border. Parents from southern WV. I have an accent all my own.

  1. I got 100% Dixie, how did this happen? I’ve lived other places, Ya’ll, really. It kept coming up saying mostly used in Texas. What’s up with that, we don’t have our own language down here.

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