The cockpit

C51While the KC-135 was turning over its engines, a female crewman gave the G.I..s on board the usual  information regarding seat belts, emergency exits, etc.

Finally, she said, ‘Now sit back and enjoy your trip while your captain, Judith Campbell, and crew take you safely to  Afghanistan ‘

An old MSgt. sitting in the eighth row thought to himself,  ‘Did I hear her right? Is the captain a woman? ‘

When the attendant came by he said  ‘Did I understand you right ? Is the captain a woman?’

‘Yes,’!  said the attendant, ‘In fact, this entire crew is  female.’


‘My God,’ he said, ‘I wish I had two  double scotch and sodas. I don’t know what to think with only women up there in the cockpit.’

‘That’s another thing, Sergeant,’ said the crew member,  ‘We No Longer Call It The Cockpit’

‘It’s The Box  Office.’

Thanks Gene

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  1. I believe I know the lady in the left seat – used to fly from Kadena. Hmm. Gonna need to send a few emails and follow up.

  2. AH…fyi…

    “The picture starting this thread however isn’t of a C-5 or C-17 crew, but of a KC-135 tanker crew credited for flying an all female air refueling mission over Afghanistan 31 January 2005. The Official Air Force link caption for the photo is Ladies night over Afghanistan<–picture with caption found on this page."

  3. Jonco – There would not be many if any passengers on a KC-135. They are designed to refuel other planes, not transport troops.

    • The KC-135 is indeed a tanker, but the fuel storage tanks don’t take up all the space in the fuselage. The only one I was in just had an empty deck, but many of the ones in service have up to 40 passenger seats.

      Rather than have the tanker fly halfway across an ocean, refuel some planes, and return, they have it fly all the way across, refueling planes at the midpoint. That lets them shuttle personnel across the ocean for free. It’s a pain for scheduling, though, as the people have to wait around until there’s a tanker mission.

      Interestingly, the passenger seats on a KC-135 all face BACKWARDS. Theoretically, if there’s a crash landing, nobody suffers whiplash, and there’s a better survival rate. Not sure if it’d make a difference, with all the fuel sloshing about.

  4. Jonco a C5 is our biggest plane,I saw one go over one day and was just shocked at the size of that plane

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