9 thoughts on “Presidential prankster”

  1. He is a moron. A 9 iron in the back of the head might knock some sense into him. It is all fun and games while you are running for President. Perhaps tomorrow he will wake up and say, I ain’t your average black dude, I r ur President.

  2. Holy Smokes, did I say that? The comments that come out of my mouth are what they appear, I simply say how I feel.

  3. I’ll be people like KLAW have never experienced other countries/cultures IN THEIR COUNTRIES, and I’m sure he’s probably said “this is America, all foreigners need to leave.” more than once.

    inbred. Holy Smokes, did I say that?

  4. Didn’t shrub, I mean w, hold the record for spending the least time in Washington while president?

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