7 thoughts on “How to draw an owl”

  1. I knew I shouldn’t have dropped out of drawing class… and piano lessons… and swimming lessons…

  2. …and dance lessons…and acting lessons…and voice lessons…and driving lessons…and gymnastics lessons…and whatever else my daughter signed up for…

    • It’s not easy trying to be good at something. Usually there’s a self esteem issue behind it all; at least that was the case with me. I had no friends, no one really told me I was good enough, and the piano I had at home was in a very exposed place, making it difficult for me to be at ease for the creative process. It also didn’t help that all the kids around me were boys who always teased and made fun of me because I was a girl.

      Maybe your daughter just needs someone to make her feel special, like everything she does is wonderful. I know that that would have helped me when I was a kid.

  3. It’s like Steve Martin’s, “How to invest like a millionaire.”

    First, you get a million dollars…..

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