All tuckered out from Kentucky ride

We made it home safe…whether we can say sound is debatable.  855 miles in all from Friday thru Sunday. We had to deal with some rain on Saturday, but we were pretty much able to travel around the showers.  We got a little wet, but never soaked.  Thanks to all the readers who made suggestions on place to visit.  We certainly took in a few of those when we could work it out.  What follows are a few highlights from the weekend.

The Jefferson Davis MonumentJDmonument
The Jefferson Davis monument is located in Fairview Kentucky.  It is at the site where Jefferson Davis, who would become the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War, was born.  Ironically, the man who would be his chief adversary in the war, Abraham Lincoln, was born less than 100 miles away in Hodgenville KY.

At 351 feet tall, it is the largest [unreinforced] concrete obelisk in the world, and the fifth tallest monument in the United States. The top four are St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, 630 feet tall; San Jacinto (Texas) Monument, 570 feet (built to the peoples who created an independent country — just like the Confederates); the Washington Monument, 555 feet; and the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial at Put in Bay, Ohio, which, at 352 feet, nudges its way past the Davis obelisk by a mere extra 12 inches.  More on the Jefferson Davis Memorial. 

JD memorial1
No, that’s not a decorative helmet.  The monument happens to be behind me in the background.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q
The world renown Moonlite Bar-B-Q in Owensboro Kentucky filled the bill for these weary travelers late Friday afternoon.  The food was excellent.

My buddy Mike in…
Mike cave
….The Cave I Never Saw

Ease on down the road
Ease on down the road
Highway 146 out of Vienna KY.

Self Portrait
This is me and the lovely lady in the background is my wife Patn.  This was taken on a Kentucky backroad Sunday morning.

The Missouri Wall of Fame is a mural that was painted on the Mississippi River flood wall at Cape Girardeau Missouri.  It depicts 45 famous people who were born in the state or achieved fame while living there. A list of those people can be found here.
Wall of fame1 Wall of fame2 

We also narrowly escaped a Revrick Encounter.  Whew!  🙂

16 thoughts on “All tuckered out from Kentucky ride”

  1. Hope you avoided this kind of encounter also.


  2. It sounds like a nice trip. You posted some interesting stuff. Is Patn always behind you? Say hi to her and I bet the old bed will feel good tonight, sleep well.

    • Usually she rides in front of me. I’m the one with the GPS and I ride in back. What’s wrong with this picture?

  3. Ive eaten at the Moonlite many times and its one of the places I must go when I go back home for a visit. My grandpa, who eats there every Sunday, has been buying a whole smoked ham for our Christmas dinner since before I was born. Not been home in years but I can just smell the BBQ thanks to your pictures, Jonco.

    Looks like you had a great trip but I bet you and the wifey are more then glad to be home. I bet Trixie and Gus were happy to see ya.

    • Trixie is always happy to see you, whether you walked out to get the mail or have been gone for days. Gus, on the other hand is like a cat, he might come to the top of the steps and look at you, but he won’t come and greet you. He’s funny!

  4. So, let me get this straight. Your wife, who was riding the bike without brake lights or turn signals, was in the rear. What could go wrong?

    • I just pulled along side her to take the picture. There was no one behind us. After the photo op I slowed down to follow.

  5. Woohoo! for Moonlite. I’m originally from Owensboro, and you can’t go wrong eating there. You guys lucked out with your timing. They had a fire a couple of Mondays ago, and it was shut down for a few days, but I’m glad you got to get some grub there!

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