7 thoughts on “The CSI Effect”

  1. I’ve always loved the episode of CSI:Miami when Delko extracted DNA evidence from a drop of sweat on a tree leaf.
    It is also funny to see CSI’s going after suspects by themselves with no backup.

  2. I used to love CSI. Took a Forensics class in college, can’t watch that show anymore. Eveything is so, obviously, inaccurate. The professor said the first day that if you’re in the class because you love the show, you’re gonna be highly disappointed lol

  3. This is why I like British cop shows, somewhat more real. And 10 times better acting/writing. Not a Brit.

  4. I prefer watching those real crime shows on the discovery channel; the new detectives or something. Those document investigations and tell us of real murders. The labs they show aren’t pimped out like in those CSI episodes; they’re cramped buildings with outdated equipment, overworked staff who are underpaid. And they don’t wear Hugo Boss or Armani or $3500 shoes while collecting evidence.

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