17 thoughts on “Fresh Vaggies”

  1. You’re one step ahead of me infidel. Someday after I get Firefox I’ll get Facebook.

    Actually I’m on there, I rarely do anything with it though. I have 16 friend requests I’ve been neglecting. Maybe it’s because none of them are from B&Pers.

  2. I never post anything on there I would like to find some old friends ,come on Scott we will never have firefox

  3. I have this exact same photo on my facebook. My husband and I snapped the shop while driving back from the Frio river last year! At first, I thought it might be mine, but there are some differences.

  4. Miss Silver- Did you stop to find out if in fact they were selling corn and peppers, or something entirely different?

    • Dunno. I didn’t snap the photo, I merely found it and posted it on Jonco’s wall. If he thinks it’s worth sharing, he;ll post it here. 😛

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