5 thoughts on “Does anyone still use dial-up?”

  1. I have friend that lives in small town in the panhandle of Florida and the only option for connecting is dial-up. She bitches any time anyone sends images in an email because it takes forever to download. Forget about even thinking about viewing youtube.

  2. DJ I have at&t “fast access” DSL….. this sh*t is worse than AOL ever was I was going to somebody else but I figure one place is as bad as the other,when we had bellsouth it was the best service on the planet and quess who took over had it is now sh*t

  3. my idiotic ex-boss still uses it. I remember once getting a call from him asking me about this thing called “facebooking” that according to a NY time article would let him spy on his employees and how he wanted me to set it up for him.

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