15 thoughts on “We don’t need no stinkin’ traffic signals”

  1. This is what our roads could have been like if people just paid attention on the road and used their heads. However, since so many people refused to think, we’re stuck with more traffic laws than income tax laws. *sigh* I really hate stupid people. Some people are stupid from time to time, others, It’s a way of life.

    Btw…. I friggin hate shuttershades. My sister got some.

  2. I was in India last year and this is exactly how it is.
    Never rent a car if you go there or you’ll def crash it after 5 minutes.

  3. yes this indeed is India and there are many such intersections here. But still surprisingly the number of accidents is much less than that in US.

  4. The kicker is the white car that shows up at the top right around 45 seconds in. Watch what he does. He actually drives the wrong way down the street just to be able to cross over. Crazy.

    Oh yea… when driving in India. If you DO have an accident and kill someone, the crowd will pull you out of your car and kill you. So hire a driver.

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