18 thoughts on “Temperature extremes”

  1. While those are the record extremes, we tend to have a huge spread of average temps each year as well. (-15/90)is about the winter low (not including wind chill) and summer high each year. Last Friday, Aug. 6th, we had a high of 83, a low of 47, and a hail storm. Isn’t summer fun.

  2. Texas getting -23F? I don’t think so, some of these are a little out of line. Some yes, but Texas and California, I’m not so sure about.

    • Yes, Texas has had weather that cold. Realize that Texas extends far to the north — Perryton in the Texas panhandle is closer (by air) to Bismarck, North Dakota than it is to Brownsville, Texas. Here’s an authoritative source on that cold spell.

  3. BillH – But consider that Texas and California are both very long states (latitude wise) and theres a big difference between – oh say the weather in Houston vs. the weather in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

  4. In South Florida the spread is much narrower than shown for the entire state. Summer highest isn’t ever more than about 97 (really), and winter lowest is about 30. So a 67 degree range is our reality.

  5. I was living near Medicine Lake, Montana when that record tying -70 was recorded Dec-1983. A few days later, the thermometer went from -50 in morning to +50 early afternoon, 100 degree change in less than 12 hours.

  6. Texas temps look fine to me. I’m in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and we’ve seen highs around 115 many times. Although winter temps don’t usually get below zero in my area, I can easily see -23 up in the “pan handle” region.

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