17 thoughts on “Get this bitch a McNugget, STAT!”

  1. I liked how everything went back to normal almost right away – the next car pulls up, his order is ready, as if nothing even happened.

    Those workers did handle that situation pretty well, I thought. If someone was hitting me in the face, I’d probably not have been so patient in trying to close the window. They seemed to remain calm, and follow what I assume is their standard procedure (close and lock the window, then step away).

  2. It looked for all the world like a chimpanzee attack. All the normal primate aggressive body language was right there.

  3. HELL NO crazy bitch might try to cut me *somewhere*,I saw on the web where she did admit to being drunk at the time ,wow!! Im shocked I tell you

  4. I worked in a store once and a women went up to me with a coupon (expired) for a wooden bird feeder. I explained to her calmly that we did not have that item in stock. She proceeded to scream at me demanding that I provide her with said bird feeder claiming that she saw me many times and knew I was lying to her (this was the first time I had ever seen this women) finally I offered to get her a manager and did so.

    Ten minutes later I found that she had found a ladder and dragged it to the place where the wooden bird feeders were before, you could see the dirt and scuff marks that the ladder had made being dragged 40 feet. She stood at the ladder looking up and occasionally tried to lift her foot on the ladder but couldn’t quite bring herself to try climbing it. This stoner guy walked by her and she stopped him and asked him to climb the ladder for her and find her wooden bird feeder, she accused me personally of trying to hide the last one from her. The stoner guy told her it might not be a good idea for him to do that but offered to help her find an employee that worked there. As she screamed at him I causally walked up picked up the ladder and hung it back on the rack out of her reach.

    She followed me around the store for a little while ducking behind stuff whenever I turned around so I went into the back room and took an early lunch break.

    Do people all lose their minds when they deal with service employees or do the ones that do just become the ones you remember?

    • They’re the once you remember. I worked in customer service for 40 years and I’ve got a few good stories too. You run into varying degrees of insanity and bad behavior, but the vast majority of people are just like you and me… .you know.. only half cracked.

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