10 thoughts on “Bieber deflects water bottle…”

  1. So, is this funny because it’s Justin Bieber or because throwing water bottles at teenagers’ heads is all the rage these days?

    • I almost added at the bottom that it isn’t funny to throw things at performers regardless of who they are, but I didn’t. I did find the title funny and that’s why I posted it.

  2. Justine (not misspelled or maybe) Bieber is a young Canadian that’s making a lot of money. Kinda like the Backstreet Boys ? in their hayday. I don’t know him. THUNK! haha

  3. the poor kid. 16 and still sounds like a girl. not that i hate him, i just think it’s really weird.

    and who the hell threw that bottle? did you grow up in a zoo? talk about rude.

  4. Looked like a towel to me.
    Justine — i mean Justin was in my City last friday for a concert and traffic on the highway exit to the location was backed up. I was like, really? y’all are actually going to give that little girl your money?

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