15 thoughts on “Why your package never arrived”

  1. WHY DID YOU POST THIS?! I’m waiting for a package from the states, and now this has compounded my anxiety! NO!!!

  2. I don’t know why anyone thinks that’s funny. Somewhere, this happened, and that employee sat there with his stupid recorder and watched someone’s package tumble for 3 fucking minutes. Didn’t stop it, didn’t do any work, didn’t tell anyone… dumbass. And then people wonder why they get fired and get mad at the boss.

    • For all you know, it WAS the boss. I’ve had some that I’m sure would do something like this. And I’m sure after getting their lulz, they picked it up and moved it.

  3. I had a beekeeper friend who used to get bees in the mail. Hope this wasn’t anything like that!

  4. “Did those wine glasses I ordered come in?” “No, but you got a big box of glass shards this morning.”

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