13 thoughts on “A tool to unclog your drains”

    • You should…they work and they’re cheap. They’ve been around for years. When you need it, you need it, and if the store is closed…

      Wait till you see (and smell) what comes out of there.

    • Got one several years ago, works great. Put it on the list along with firefox and writing a blog.

  1. I use this on a semi-regular basis, and it does really work. If it’s been a couple months since I last used it, the Zip-It pulls out what looks like a dead rat from my bathroom tub. Disgusting, but cheaper than a plumber.

  2. Okay so what, is this intended to be a single-use item or are you then supposed to sit there and pick off all the nasty slimy wet hair so you can use it again?

  3. I’ve used those, and they work, but now I clean the drain with a piece of clothes-hanger wire with a little “U” shaped hook on the end. I’ve always got an excess of wire hangers from the dry-cleaners, and it takes 15 seconds with a pair of pliers to make one up.

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