10 thoughts on “Voca People: The history of music”

      • Jonco, wasn’t one of the singers in that group a B&Per? She left several comments here when you originally posted it, but I can’t remember her name.
        The group is from Slovenia and is called Perpetuum Jazzile. Loads of their stuff on YouTube.

        • DJ, Yes, your memory is pretty good. I don’t know that he was a regular reader but he found that we had posted it and left a few comments about his part in the video. His name was Mojca. That conversation was lost in the hacking of April 2010. I should post the video again though. Maybe he’d see it again and pop in.

            • Is it? For some reason I always thought it was a male that I was corresponding with. I can’t recall why at this point in time. Maybe he (or she) told me that he/she was like the thirds one on the left in the front, or something like that. How do you pronounce Mojca?

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