We’re off to Kansas City

We’re off to Kansas City this afternoon with three of the four grandkids (the 4th  one is camping with the Scouts).  We’ll be visiting with my brother and his family that live in Overland Park. 

I’ve pre-posted some things for the weekend and a couple of open mics.  I’ll pop in here if and when I get a chance. 

14 thoughts on “We’re off to Kansas City”

  1. Gonna be in my hood huh? Too bad I’m not shooting anything exciting this weekend, else I’d invite you along.

  2. Oh great. I’m driving through St. Louis tomorrow and Jonco leaves town. Fine!

    Hey DJ I’ll be around Lake Erie next week, make sure you leave the region too. Might go to Niagara Falls, that gives isiah a head start to leave the area as well.

  3. Just let me know if you’re heading this way Scott, and I’m outta here. Keys are in the top drawer, lots of grub, just make sure you lock up and don’t let the dogs out. Have a fun trip! Oh, ya. And you too Jonco. hehe.. Have a blast guys!

    • Make myself at home… sounds great! But you can stick around. I wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing you, or anyone else here if I had the chance.

      But like Jonco said the other day, I don’t know about staying over at DJ’s with the bed wetting and all.

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